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 Birth brief collection
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Birth brief index 2007-2012
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Transcribed byFrank Hardy
CommentOver many years the Society has been encouraging members to complete a form showing their ancestry back for five generations. A typed index to the surnames has been available in the Library for forms received up to 2006, but it has been felt desirable to provide a fuller index accessible to all members, not just those who come to the Library.
As a first stage, the Birth Briefs received from 2007 to 2012 have been indexed to show, for every person on the form, date and place of birth, marriage and death. To comply with Data Protection legislation, details of living people have been redacted. These have, however been indexed and the details will be released on an annual basis as, and when, they can be presumed to have died, normally 100 years after their birth.
There are around 8000 Birth Briefs in the Societyâs collection, and gradually it is intended to index all the individuals on the forms that are in the bound volumes on the shelves. This will take some years, but new forms will be included each year as they are received. Whilst all new forms will be indexed and added to the website annually, processing the forms in the books will depend on progress made with other Society projects.
Counties, states and provinces have been shown added by the editor where not given on the form, and where there is no ambiguity. Names and places are shown as written on the form without correction.
When resources become available, the birth brief forms will be scanned and the images (redacted as necessary) will be placed on the SoGDataOnLine web site.

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